Agorada+2016: Social innovation for territories

AGORADA+2016 social innovation for territoriesAgorada+ is the autumn event organised every year by the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA). This international event brings together practitioners of regional development agencies, social innovators, academics and EU experts to discuss best experiences, challenges and next steps of social innovation.

The aim of the conference is to address in a comprehensive way social innovation pointing out how it represents a new response to social and economic needs creating new relationships, new social interaction, active citizenship, inventiveness in civil society and in local communities, business and public servants.

Social Innovation needs to be known, supported and enhanced by public authorities, entrepreneurial and third sector associations, financial institutions and companies. Policy makers, regional development experts, entrepreneurs and social businesses, credit institutions will contribute to this 2-days conference in order to exchange their knowledge, share practical experiences on the different aspects of social innovation and put the basis for potential mutual initiatives and projects.

More information can be found on http://www.agorada-bologna.com/

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