Analysis of Methodological Approach to Identify Smart Specialisation on the Example of Polish Regions

Analysis of Methodological Approach to Identify Smart Specialisation

The article entitled “Analysis of Methodological Approach to Identify Smart Specialisation on the Example of Polish Regions” by Gulc (2015) illuminates the methodologies used within the creation of smart specialisation, with a specific focus on Polish regions. The objective was to detect and compare these methodologies. This paper was presented at the 20th International Scientific Conference Economics and Management – 2015 (ICEM-2015).

Valuable methods for other regions in Europe

Overall, the article provides an overview of methods to identify smart specialisation. Specifically, the report provides a list of research methods utilized in the design of smart specialisation in Polish regions and a classification of these research methods into six steps of research and innovation strategy elaboration. In line with the ONLINE S3’s investigations, among others, desk research, statistic methods SWOT analysis, individual in-depth interviews, focus group interview, five Porter’s forces analysis, expert’s panels, public consultations, scenario analysis and technological foresight represent well known methods within smart specialisation processes. These methods are also valuable for other regions in Europe for redesign of their respective smart specialisation strategies. ONLINE S3 has also considered these methods for the platform www.onlines3.eu. Via the following link you can share your point of view for each identified method with us: https://consultation.onlines3.eu/

More information

For more information on this article, please view the following link:  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877042815058383

Open consultation

Open consultation https://consultation.onlines3.eu/


Keywords: Smart specialisation; Methodological approach.



Gulc, A. (2015). Analysis of methodological approach to identify smart specialisation on the example of Polish regions. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 213, 817-823.

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