Assessment of strategies for ICT investments

Assessment of strategies for ICT investments

Considering 2014-2020 programming period, countries and regions are required to design a Digital Growth Strategy (DGS), a Next-Generation Network (NGN) plan or a Research and Innovation (R&I) Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) depending on the type of information and communication technology (ICT) investment they aim at. Directorate-General (DG) Connect, the DG Join Research Centre, and the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) have been supporting European regions by completing the steps necessary to shape these strategies of digital advancement. By doing so, experts have found crucial barriers related to strategy development. Therefore, Stancova and Sörvik (2015) provide a report in which these issues are elucidated for joint learning among stakeholders.

The following issues are particularly critical for the development of strategic documents for ICT investments (Stancova and Sörvik 2015, p. 3): “Many regions have a low level of administrative capacity and lack proper capabilities to develop strategic documents for ICT investments; many regions are not sufficiently aware of the requirements for strategy development; there are problems in the coordination of activities carried out between different governance levels when developing strategic documents for ICT investments; many regions experience challenges with stakeholder involvement and the entrepreneurial process of discovery.”

All in all, ONLINE S3’s effort is to support regions and nations in the process of (re)designing and implementing RIS3 to become better equipped with online tools for the future.


For more information, use the following link: http://s3platform.jrc.ec.europa.eu/-/assessment-of-strategies-for-ict-investments-using-european-structural-and-investment-funds-reflections-from-experts-and-practical-examples?inheritRedirect=true



Ciampi Stancova, K., and  Sörvik, J. (2015) ‘Assessment of Strategies for ICT Investments Using European Structural and Investment Funds: Reflections from Experts and Practical Examples’. European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Spain. EUR 27668 EN; doi:10.2791/745099.

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