Completion of ONLINE S3 methods’ evaluation from region of Central Macedonia

The last phase of the Thematic Consultation Workshops about ONLINE S3 methods has successfully took place in Thursday 19/01/2017 in OK!Thess with the coordination of Mr. Stavros Mantzanakis, director of Innovation and International Programs Department of Emetris SA and the participation of more than 20 experts, experienced in Smart Specialization Strategy of RCM.

The workshop conducted in relation to “ONLINE Platform for Smart Specialization Policy Advice (ONLINE S3)” project which is included and funded by the European Program “Horizon 2020”. Its purpose was to evaluate the ONLINE S3 mechanism and choose the proper methods of planning and implementing RIS3 strategy. This workshop was scheduled to take place in 11/01/2017 but it postponed due to bad weather conditions.

As a continuance of the 1st Thematic Consultation Workshop, the rest 12 methodologies of RIS3 (out of 29 in total) were presented from 3 work groups consisted of experts specialized in innovation and experienced in Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP). Each group evaluated the utility and the efficiency of the instruments and one member of each group presented the results of their consultation. Furthermore, opinions, ideas and experiences were exchanged about this specific field.

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