Connecting RIS3 to the city, a two-way bridge: workshop 21/9-22/9

infocus internation conference connecting ris to citiesThe international workshop on “Connecting RIS3 to the city, a two-way bridge”, will be held in Ostrava on 21 & 22 September is organised under the umbrella of InFocus, which is a pioneering transnational network led by the city of Bilbao and funded by the URBACT programme.
The aim of the workshop is to collect new ideas and best practices by gathering city practitioners, regional and national representatives in charge of RIS3 and experts. Showcasing relevant pilots and initiatives that will start shaping a facilitating framework for such an interaction and alignment between the region and the city.
The event is open to any interested participant, yet registration is mandatory and subject to final acceptance.
For further information you may contact the local organization team, Katerina Bonito kbonito@ostrava.cz and Ondřej Dostál odostal@ostrava.cz , Department of Strategic Development, City of Ostrava; or Miguel Rivas, the lead expert for the InFocus project mrivas@grupotaso.com.

Scoping note and agenda can be found at https://issuu.com/grupotaso/docs/infocus_twostrava_scopingnote
Information about InFocus can be found on http://urbact.eu/In-Focus

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