Consultation on RIS3 Methodologies and Tools Online S3 Project Workshop SVRK, Ljubljana

The first consultation workshop on Online S3 methods and tools took place on 19 January 2017 at the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (SVRK), Ljubljana. The event was convened by the Slovenian Smart Specialisation Strategy (S4) Coordinator as an expert meeting of the S4 National Coordinator’s team and the experts who have been and will be involved in the preparation of background materials aimed at supporting the development, monitoring and evaluation of the S4 Strategy document in Slovenia.

The event was chaired by Dr Peter Wostner, the S4 National Coordinator. Ekonomski institut Maribor presented the Online S3 project and its platform including the methodologies for each of the 6- RIS3 steps collected, and invited the participants to join the Online S3 Community.

Dr Peter Wostner presented the concept of the Strategic Research Innovation Partnerships (SRIPs), which are currently being formally established for each of the nine S4 priority areas. SRIPs will have a crucial role in the implementation of the S4. The Coordinator and experts’ main focus is currently related to the identification and/or development of methods and definition of indicators aimed at monitoring and evaluating the implementation of S4 through the implementation of SRIPs action plans, which will be prepared within the 6-month period. After that, SRIPs will start their regular work that will be closely monitored by the national monitoring and evaluation bodies.

The subsequent discussion was focused mainly on the issue of methodologies and tools s available at the moment for S4 monitoring and evaluating, particularly those that could support the decentralised evaluation inputs to be requested from and provided by SRIPs in Slovenian context. The participants considered the ONLINE S3 platform useful, although methods have not been discussed in detail. It is planned that the discussion will follow, including through the open consultation platform, and/or methods will be assessed and scored subsequently by experts individually.

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