Kick off meeting Madrid 03/06/2016

The project’s partners convened for the kick-off meeting from the 1st to the 3rd of June 2016 in Madrid, Spain. Eighteen participants from project partners were present in the meeting; one from Spain, five from Greece, two from Belgium, one from Austria, one from Slovenia, one from Slovakia, three from the United Kingdom and four from Finland. The meeting was also attended by the ONLINE-S3 Project Officer and representatives of the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the DG of the Commission that develops the RIS3 framework.

The kick-off meeting participants discussed the vision of the project, concentrating on the project’s targets and how to achieve the best possible results. The close collaboration of the project partners with JRC/IPTS was also one of the key themes that were discussed, since ONLINE-S3’s platform will accurately reflect the steps of the RIS3 Guide of the IPTS. Naturally, the meeting participants also discussed technical matters about the project’s breakdown structure and Work Packages, focusing on the tasks and deliverables that will unfold in the upcoming months. They also discussed how they will communicate and organize their teamwork in an efficient and operational manner.
Overall, the ONLINE-S3 Kick off Meeting was a constructive and enjoyable meeting for all its participants, setting the tone for the project’s advancement and providing the opportunity to discuss the roles of the project’s team members and clarify questions.
kick off meeting team picture

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