Knowledge-based Methods for Smart Specialisation – ONLINE S3 Consultation Workshop in Slovenia

ONLINE S3 is a research and innovation action (project) under the call ISSI-4_2015 (On-line mechanisms for knowledge-based policy advice) and is implemented by a consortium of twelve EU partners from Spain, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Finland.


ONLINE S3 platform with its services, tools and applications offers different interested stakeholders in EU member states possibilities for the design and implementation of RIS3 free of charge or to test and/or upgrade their RIS3 strategies. For more information on how to participate, please, log in: https://www.onlines3.eu/ .


Membership in ONLINE S3 community has many benefits. Among them, there is the access to information on the methodologies of smart specialisation, consultation possibilities on research and innovation for designing your own smart specialisation strategies, involvement in the process of entrepreneurial discovery supporting smart specialisation, research and innovation, collaboration in the development of a mutual learning environment, etc.


Stakeholder engagement is a crucial challenge for better policy processes in EU member states. In ONLINE S3 among stakeholders, there are four different groups of stakeholders, which are invited to participate: policy makers, public servants, strategy design & implementation experts, regional development experts, researchers, civil society etc.

In December 2016 there will be a consultation workshop organised in Slovenia (Ljubljana). The input is based upon provided mapping and assessment of used methodologies, online mechanisms and e-services that are available for RIS3 strategic planning, out of which approximately 30 methodologies were selected. For each methodology and used tools, the questions will be asked with regards to criteria such as ‘usefulness’, ‘easiness in usage’, ‘data availability’, ‘relevance to the RIS3 strategy’, etc. through different channels (open consultation, social media, and interviews, workshops) in order to get the relevant feedback for simply laid-out transformation of these methodologies into digital tools – for definition, re-design and design these updated or new services, tools and applications.


The benefits of stakeholder participation are the investigation, development and design of the innovative tools and services aimed to help them in the RIS3 strategy (re)development and implementation.

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