ONLINE S3 – Let’s collaborate: outward-looking in Smart Specialisation!

The core elements of smart specialisation include finding niches, cross-sectorial innovation and solving societal challenges. In this framework, a survey was conducted to identify which factors facilitate successful cooperation among stakeholders within smart specialisation. The results are reported via “How Outward-looking is Smart Specialisation – Results from a Survey on Inter-regional Collaboration in Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)”.

  • How Outward-looking is Smart Specialisation?

Sörvik et al. (2016) state in their report that it is necessary to increase our understanding of inter-regional collaboration regarding research and innovation. The new cohesion policy of the European Union (EU) aims at boosting cooperation. The survey’s results show that the EU regions and countries have increased their cooperation activities in the previous years. In this environment, collaboration ranges from “low-intensity activities such as information sharing between regions to more intense collaborative efforts, such as common public procurement activities” (Sörvik et al. 2016, p. 10). These initiatives are characterised by many advantages and represent a vital activity for the (re)design of research and innovation strategies. In this framework, Sörvik and colleagues recommend establishing an evidence base for projects, which improves tactics when involving stakeholders.

  • Collaboration is key!

According to Sörvik et al., “[a]n oversimplification of the message might lead to underinvestment and less intensive collaboration than that which is needed to address the larger challenges with potential for longer-term benefits for Europe.” (2016, p. 4). With this in mind, ONLINE S3, which aims to provide a toolbox to facilitate the fruitful interaction between science and policy, encourages stakeholder engagement and intensive cooperation to support knowledge-based policy advice. Although we will face challenges in this complexity of fruitful knowledge transfer, we aim at delivering both direct, immediate and long term benefits to all involved parties. Let’s collaborate!


For more information on this smart specialisation topic, use the following link: http://s3platform.jrc.ec.europa.eu/-/how-outward-looking-is-smart-specialisation-results-from-a-survey-on-inter-regional-collaboration-in-smart-specialisation-strategies-ris3-?inheritRedirect=true



Sörvik J., Midtkandal I., Marzocchi C., Uyarra E. (2016) ‘How Outward-looking is Smart Specialisation – Results from a Survey on Inter-regional Collaboration in Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)’, S3 Policy Brief Series No. 16/2016; Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union, EUR 27795 EN, doi:10.2791/943671



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