Macro-regional strategies in changing times

Macro-regional strategies in changing timesA ‘Macroregional strategy’ is an integrated framework endorsed by the European Council, to address common challenges faced by a defined geographical area relating to Member States and third countries located in the same geographical area which thereby benefit from strengthened cooperation contributing to achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion.

This publication brings together, for the first time, all four EU macroregional strategies presenting their potential for the future. The publication is forwarded by Baiba Liepa, from Interact.

Macro-regional strategies in changing times: Sections included in the publication

  • Future of Europe and macro-regional strategies
  • 2030 perspective: The EUSBSR will have to be navigated through changing waters
  • Ways for better cooperation and more efficient coordination of funding
  • Multi-level governance as a part of macroregional strategy
  • Multi-level governance as part of a macro-regional strategy: the EUSDR civil society experience
  • Added-value of the inter-macroregional strategy cooperation and coordination
  • Achievements in cooperation with the EU enlargement and neighbourhood countries
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge of the macroregional strategies
  • List: Countries covered by the macroregional strategies
  • Matrix: The common themes of the macroregional strategies

INTERACT is one of the Interreg programmes – which are financed under the European Territorial Cooperation goal of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

You may download the publication from here

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