Newsletter vol 07

The Galician Regional RIS3 outlines a vision that seeks to consolidate the local economy by improving growth and competitiveness. This vision will necessitate the transformation of the current production model from medium-low technological intensity to a more advanced medium-high technological intensity. This transformation shall embed key enabling technologies (KET) into established sectors, enabling the region to become a leading developer of knowledge-intensive services, especially those related to active ageing and healthy lifestyles.
This shared vision is the result of extensive dialogue between all stakeholders within the regional innovation ecosystem, resulting in the creation of a ‘Capacities Inventory’. The 7 working groups convened to compile the capacities inventory identified 30 potential niche markets. This resulted in the development of 18 prioritised niches, subsequently synthesised into 10 priorities and 3 key challenges for the future implementation of the Galician Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3).

You may download the PDF version of the newsletter from here

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