Newsletter Vol 09: Central Macedonia Pilot

During the exercise the team responsible analysed and proposed the new Vision for the RIS3 strategy of the Regional Authority of Central Macedonia. The 2025 Vision for the Region of Central Macedonia is to become an Innovation Node for the wider region of South-eastern Europe by: (a) preserving and strengthening its Human Capital with competences in the fields of Research and Technological Development (b) deepening the collaboration between Knowledge and Entrepreneurship and (c) boosting the innovative environment, aiming at ending the financial crisis and creating new jobs based on innovation, competitiveness and extroversion. The region will be leader in the area (South East Europe) in the field of Agrifood focusing mainly on preserving diversity, offer healthier local food, promote new functional food based on local varieties, and use any technology available to promote circular economy, low input farming, more and better quality food, support the ecosystem and boost its competitiveness in the global value chains.

You can read more info on the Central Macedonia pilot in the Newsletter volume 09

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