Newsletter vol 06

This newsletter edition is focused on the Online S3 Platform which is now open for testing at http://www.s3platform.eu/.
We invite You to explore it and to give comments on it on the plat-form’s discussion forums. The platform is completely free to use. However, registration is needed to access all its features.
The purpose of the platform is to facilitate the whole smart specialisation process between the quadruple-helix stakeholders (government, citizens, business, universities). Its key features are:

  • Guide for the RIS3 process – A full practical guide on RIS3 and its development process, supported with explanatory case-examples from European regions.
  • 29 online tools – An extensive set of online tools with clear visual guides that support conducting all parts of the RIS3 pro-cess.
  • RIS3 forums – Forums for sharing and discussing experiences on the RIS3 and the platform.

You may download Newsletter volume 06 from here ONLINE S3 Newsletter volume 06

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