Online S3 community

The online S3 community

The Online S3 stakeholder community is a network of policy makers, researchers, innovators and civic organizations. It offers advice on the design and implementation of smart specialisation strategies. Membership of this network offers the following benefits:

  • access to information on the methodologies of smart specialisation;
  • consultations with peer groups on research and innovation developments underpinning the design of smart specialisation strategies;
  • involvement in the process of entrepreneurial discovery supporting smart specialisation as a research and innovation strategy;
  • collaboration in the development of a mutual learning environment, able to support the co-design of such research and innovation strategies, by sharing ideas, exploring product development, delivery platforms, knowledge-based services, applications and underpinning toolkits;
  • empowerment of stakeholders in the rapid proto-typing, testing, monitoring of evaluation of these strategies as roadmaps driving the implementation of such place-based development policies.
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