Online S3 mechanism for knowledge-based policy advice

In her latest post Dr. Panori in urenio.org watch presents a report about the proposed “Online S3 mechanism for knowledge-based policy advice”.
In the report is argued that by taking into consideration the 28 applications that have been developed throughout the Online S3 project and the complex underlying network that links these applications to each other could provide the final missing links between them, facilitating the information flows and giving the opportunity to policy-makers to design even more comprehensive RIS3 strategies. Analytical capabilities and public participation should be further enriched and expanded in that case, promoting the effectiveness of the implemented RIS3 strategies.

The full post can be found on Online S3 mechanism for knowledge-based policy advice. By Anastasia Panori on 30 July 2018. Posted in Smart Growth on urenio.org

Reference: Komninos N., Panori A., Kakderi C., Reid A., Cvijanović V., Roman M., Deakin M., Mora L., Tiemann M. and Badii L. (2018) Online S3 mechanism for knowledge-based policy advice. Report produced in the framework of Horizon 2020 project Online S3: ONLINE Platform for Smart Specialisation Policy Advice.

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