ONLINE-S3 Partners meet with JRC/IPTS staff

The project’s partners met with JRC/IPTS staff on the 19th of July 2016 in Seville, Spain. On the side of ONLINE-S3, seven participants from project partners participated in the meeting; one from Spain, three from Greece, one from Belgium, one from Austria and one from Finland. On the side of JRC/IPTS, which develops the RIS3 framework, the meeting was attended by a host of managerial and technical staff.
The overarching purpose of the meeting was to enhance the collaboration potential between ONLINE-S3 project partners and IPTS/JRC staff; to inform about the project and become informed about current and prospective developments with regards to RIS3; to point out challenges, issues of concern and how the platform of ONLINE-S3 can complement and add value to RIS3 across Europe; to get answers to crucial issues concerning the project’s activity.
It was an enlightening meeting for all parties. The members of the project’s organizations and the staff of JRC had the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss their goals and concerns, and develop common understanding about RIS3 and its priorities. Upon closing, the meeting participants renewed their appointment for September, with the promise to advance their collaboration and information exchange even further.

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