ONLINE S3’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

It is a stimulating time to follow the debates dedicated to stakeholder engagement in policymaking. As outlined in DG CONNECT’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (Verheyden et al., 2013), there is a central aim to ensure that public policy draws upon the interests of all. In this regard, effective stakeholder engagement shows the potential to improve transparency and to boost the accountability of policymaking. However, stakeholder engagement represents a crucial challenge. In this framework, web-related approaches can facilitate greater knowledge exchange. Additionally, in this context, the key is how these approaches are used to support better policymaking processes. As a consequence, our stakeholder engagement strategy is a work in progress. Thus, our next steps are key, and we are looking forward to progressing.



Verheyden, M., Glidden, J., Shahin, J., 2013. Dg Connect’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. IES Policy Brief 03 (2013).  http://www.ies.be/files/2013-03_MV_JG_JS.pdf  accessed on 24/09/2016

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