Open call for Online S3 regions platform pilot testing

open call for regionsThe funded HORIZON2020 ONLINE S3 consortium invites regional and national authorities across Europe to team up around the ONLINE S3 project. Through this dedicated call for applications, the aim is to mobilize regions and national authorities for using the e-policy platform onlineS3.eu augmented with a toolbox of applications and services for supporting the implementation of the smart specialisation agendas.

The specific objective with this call for applications is to put a 9-months-partnership process with two additional regions or national authorities from EU Member States in place to participate in the project ONLINE S3. The nominated applicants will receive each a project budget of 98.000 Euro maximum for experimenting with the innovative platform, apps and e-services in a web based pioneering environment guided by the responsible project partners according to a designated roadmap.

Open Call on line form submission

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