Open Evaluation 2016 – Open to new values and approaches

Open to new values and approaches

The Open Evaluation 2016 Conference is the largest of its kind in Europe and is devoted to the evaluation of policies in the areas of research, technology and innovation policy (RTI). The conference gathers academics, evaluators, research managers, authorities and RTI policy makers to discuss challenging developments in RTI policy and their influence on evaluation theory and practice. The conference focuses on new actor setting, approaches and topics on RTI policy evaluation. The term “Open Evaluation” therefore signalises openness to new values, stakeholders and beneficiaries, and approaches and themes in RTI policies and RTI evaluations.

Open to a wide spectrum of evaluations

On the 24th and 25th of November 2016, the conference took place in Vienna, Austria. The conference programme consisted of three key note speeches, three panel discussions, 18 paper sessions and a poster session.

ONLINE S3 attended this conference to promote the onlines3.eu platform. In addition, several attendees have been interviewed regarding the methods that the ONLINE S3 consortium would like to implement on the platform.

For more information, please view the conference website: https://www.openevaluation2016.eu/index.php/OPENEVAL/OPENEVAL2016/



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