Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is the largest Higher Education Institution in Greece and Southeastern Europe, with 13 faculties and a total of 42 departments and 4 independent Schools.

Two interdisciplinary research units from the Aristotle University will work together for ONLINE-S3 project, Urban and Regional Innovation Research (URENIO) and Online Sourced – Web INformation Distributed Systems (OSWINDS).

The URBAN AND REGIONAL INNOVATION Research (URENIO www.urenio.org) of Aristotle University is a laboratory for the promotion of research and supply of technological services in the field of intelligent cities. URENIO is part of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Development in the School of Engineering, AUTH. URENIO is mainly involved in competitive projects from the European R&D Framework Programmes (FP), the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP), and the Innovative Actions of the European Regional Development Fund. The Unit took part in numerous projects funded by national and international research institutions and the European Commission.

URENIO is known for its research record in the fields of innovation ecosystems and intelligent cities. Research carried out in the Lab is acknowledged by leading organizations worldwide. It is among the few academic organizations promoting research in the field of intelligent cities, having introduced the concept of intelligent cities as physico-virtual territorial systems of innovation and most advanced innovative agglomerations.

The Online Sourced – Web Information Distributed Systems (OSWINDS) (www.oswinds.csd.auth.gr) research group belongs to the Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab of the Department of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. OSWINDS is an active research group engaged in research and development activities in the areas of ICT technologies and their implementations, with additional interest on multi-disciplinary synergies. The mission of OSWINDS is to enable research and innovation progress and development with cultivating a collaborative and knowledge sharing spirit with internal and International collaborations under common research work and projects. OSWINDS work aims at high quality research as well as at applied research and experimenting.

OSWINDS is involved in research and experimentation with a focus on topics of big data management, Web and social network mining and analytics, content delivery and management on the Web, as well as on sentiment analytics.

Contribution in the project

AUTH will lead work package WP2- Online mechanism for RIS3 policy advice and will also participate in other WP tasks and activities, as an expert on both innovation policy and strategic planning (URENIO) and social media mining technologies (OSWINDS).

Contact details

Name: Prof. Nicos Komninos
Phone number: +302310995581
Role in the project: Scientific responsible
Position in your organisation: Director of URENIO Research