European Future Innovation System Centre

EFIS Centre’s mission is to promote an enhanced understanding of the performance and future development perspectives of the European Research Area (ERA) and European, national and regional, innovation systems, particularly in relation to societal challenges (climate change, energy security, resource efficiency, ageing population, etc.).

The centre’s activities include:

  • Undertaking studies and quantitative and qualitative analysis concerning the ERA, regional, national sectoral and thematic innovation systems
  • Development and management of on-line policy monitoring, data benchmarking and collaborative platforms supporting the inter-connection of research and innovation organisations at regional, national and European levels.
  • Support doctoral or post-doctoral research in the above mentioned fields.

At EFIS Centre, we “practice what we preach” about open innovation systems. We actively welcome new applications for membership from individual scholars and practitioners and like-minded organisations working on all aspects of innovation systems and related fields. EFIS Centre members are invited to co-develop ideas for new strands of research on or testing of new instruments to enhance innovation system performance.

Contribution in the project

EFIS is lead partner for Work-package 1 (WP1) on the State of the art of methods used for developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating smart specialisation strategies (RIS3). EFIS Centre staff also participate in other activities, with a significant role in WP6 – Project dissemination, scalability and sustainability.

WP1 will assess the available methodologies and link them with online tools/services that can be applied in the development, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of RIS3 strategies. The past experience of EFIS Centre researchers involved in assessing S3 strategies for the European Commission’s directorate-generals for regional policy and research and innovation as well as developing various European level policy monitoring platforms will be brought to bear on this activity.

The main deliverable of WP1 will be a report that provides:

  • a “mapping” of methodologies, online mechanisms and e-services that are available for RIS3 strategic planning
  • a selection among them with regards to scope, type and scale and other criteria to be defined in WP1, and
  • a detailed description of methodologies, online mechanisms and e-services that could be tailored or adapted to serve the needs of S3 stakeholders and users (+/ 30 methodologies)

Contact details

Name: Alasdair Reid
Role in the project: Work-package leader WP1
Position in the organisation: Principal Researcher – Policy Director