Ekonomski Institut Maribor, Ekonomske Raziskave in Podjetnistvo D.O.O.

Economic Institute Maribor (EIM) is a privately owned company, operating on a non-profit basis. It has a status of regional SME promotion centre and regional HR development centre. Its main activities include advice, assistance and professional support services for SMEs, regional development, economic research and development, and HR development.

EIM currently employs ten full-time staff, of which nine are experts involved in research, development and support programmes aimed at SME and HR development and support.

EIM has over twenty-year experience in the fields of economic research, regional development and SME management & promotion, and over fifteen-year experience with the development and implementation of professional support schemes for SMEs at national and local levels, including the development of institutional support for different target groups of SMEs. EIM has the experience either as a lead partner or partner in various EU funded initiatives and programmes implemented by international partnerships. Since 2002, it has been also involved in the projects funded through Structural Funds, e.g. EU neighbouring and territorial cooperation programmes (Austria, Hungary and Croatia, and different programmes involving Central and Eastern EU countries).

As a small business promotion centre, EIM daily works with micro- and SMEs (MSME) operating in different sectors. Main activities include consulting and assistance with development and performance of business operations, e.g. in general management, marketing, finance, and HR development in MSMEs. EIM has several-year experience in investigations and polls in MSMEs, business associations, public institutions (local and national), awareness raising activities for different target groups and different aims, investigations of training needs and development & implementation of customised training courses, also at promoting digital literacy (for instance, e-marketing, e-commerce, e-learning) and the use of ICT tools in business management, commerce and internal procedures.

EIM has established a sound network of regional and national chambers and sector associations and has, therefore, immediate access to relevant stakeholders in different sectors and also via national agencies, local, regional and national institutions, etc.). EIM is also a member of ENSR network which enables the members to join in the common consortiums to carry out the development, implementation or research activities for different clients mainly from EU/EC.

Contribution in the project

EIM will be actively involved in the WP 5 (Pilot experimentation of the platform, apps, and e-services):

* by using the methodology and guidelines/roadmap for the implementation of the platform and e-services (activity 5.1), undertaking a training for using the platform (activity 5.2), and afterwards carrying out a pilot in Slovenia (activity 5.3).

* EIM will be the part of other WPs too, especially the dissemination, scalability and sustainability (to spread information and raise awareness to mobilise the public and other stakeholders to support the implementation of the platform end e-services).

Contact details

Phone number: +386 2 23 52 346
Role in the project: Project coordinator / at EIM
Position in your organisation: Project Manager

Phone number: +386 2 23 52 344
Role in the project: Project expert / at EIM
Position in your organisation: Director