INTELSPACE Technologies Kainotomias SA

INTELSPACE SA is a research-driven company specializing in the development and management of innovation ecosystems and intelligent cities. INTELSPACE SA is developing IT applications and web platforms which sustain key innovation processes such as scan for the best available technology, improve learning and technology absorption, design and develop new products, involve users in the innovation process, design and develop of online marketplaces. The company has created a portfolio of solutions for intelligent cities, mainly in the fields of the innovation economy and governance.

The expertise of the company is on (1) planning and governance of intelligent cities, intelligent districts, and clusters, (2) the design and development of applications and solutions for smart cities, (3) innovation strategy and management of innovation, and (4) the design and development of web-based applications for collaborative innovation, collective intelligence, technology transfer, product marketing and promotion.



Contribution in the project

INTELSPACE SA will lead work package WP4. Tools, applications and e-services where it will be responsible for the design and development of the applications and online tools that will be connected to the platform. Moreover, it will be responsible for the apps’ and tools’ refinement during the second cycle of design and development.

Contact details

Name: Christina Kakderi
Phone number: +3023100028615
Role in the project: Project manager
Position in your organisation:CEO