Edinburgh Napier University

Professor Deakin’s research is inter-disciplinary, cutting across academic, scientific and technical boundaries. He researches the role of ICTs in information society and their relationship to the knowledge economy. This research centres on the development of networked communities as digital platforms and concentrates on the social informatics, cultural artefacts, environmental attributes and economic instruments sustaining two such community developments, those known as intelligent and smart cities. His research assesses the sustainability of these community developments and evaluates the transition from intelligent to smart cities in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Collaboration with industrial and governmental bodies includes Nokia, Microsoft, Eclipse Consultants, Mazares, WSPG, CSTB France, VTT Finland, BRE UK, the European Commission’s IPTS, Seville and the UK’s Department of Communities and Local Government. More recently, Professor Deakin has been engaged on a Smart and Sustainable Cities study funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB). This examines the technical challenges high-tec and low carbon infrastructure developments pose the JESSICA Programme and the European Commission’s proposal to begin switching Structural Fund allocations from grant to capital expenditure.

Since 2007, Professor Deakin has been in the unique position of holding 2 National Research Council grants awarded by the ESRC and EPSRC for LfWWs and SURegen respectively and since being awarded the EC INTERREG contract, known as SmartCities in 2008, these 3 projects have secured a total of £9.0 million. The University’s share of the grant funding generated from these 3 contracts is £1.5 million. These awards have allowed Professor Deakin to play a major role in orchestrating both of the School’s very successful submissions to the Architecture, Built Environment and Planning section of the REF Assessment. The first two (RAE) submissions achieved an International Excellence rating for the School. The third (RAE 2009) and fourth (REF 2014) obtained a World Class/International Excellence rating (50% for REF 2014).

Contribution in the project

Professor Deakin shall act, as Chief Impact Officer will lead in work package WP6. Project dissemination, scalability and sustainability where he will be responsible for disseminating the project and promoting its results via awareness tools, social media and publications. Moreover, in WP1. State of the art and background, it will define the state of the art and the literature background for RIS3 strategies in Task1.2.

Contact details

Name: Prof. Mark Deakin
Phone number: +44(0)1314552480
Role in the project: Chief impact Officer & Work Package Leader: WP6 – Dissemination and Communication
Position in the organisation: Professor, School of Engineering and Built Environment