Region of Central Macedonia

The Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) is a public authority at the second degree of local government, operating at regional level (NUTS 2). It is comprised of seven regional units: Imathia, Thessaloniki, Pella, Kilkis, Pieria, Serres and Chalkidiki. Its regional administration is structured at central and regional level. According to its structure all the relative regional units organizationally belong to the central administration which is seated in Thessaloniki.

The RCM is a dynamic organisation with multilevel responsibilities. Currently, approximately 2,000 employees are working to implement government policy at inter-provincial level, to adopt and implement initiatives and practices in order to improve the living standards of nearly two million residents of this region and to enhance decentralisation into a dynamic growth lever for the Greek region. Relevant fields of activity: Research and technological development innovation and entrepreneurship; information society; transport; energy; environmental protection and risk prevention; tourism; culture; urban and rural regeneration; promoting employees’, business and operators’ adaptability; improving access to employment and retention of jobs; improving the social inclusion of disadvantaged persons; investment in social infrastructure; mobilisation reforms in the fields of employment and integration; strengthening of institutional capacity at national, regional and local level; reduction of additional costs that hinder the development of the outermost regions and technical assistance.

RCM is the main implementation body of the RIS3 Strategy in Central Macedonia, focusing, as required, in the regional economic development in order to recover from the economic downturn through a strategic approach.

Contribution in the project

RCM will contribute significantly in WP5- Pilot experimentation of the platform, apps, and e-services. It will be responsible for holding a pilot project for the implementation of the apps and e-services developed in WP4.

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