Research and Innovation Management

Research and Innovation Management GmbH

Research and Innovation Management GmbH is a privately owned management consulting firm that supports companies in planning and developing pioneering projects. We address the future-oriented structuring of research and innovation in order to assist enterprises in overcoming new challenges.

Drawing on both internal and external experts, Research and Innovation Management GmbH provides practitioners with proven and ground-breaking knowledge to explore and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. We manage innovative processes with a unique set of services in order to deploy the creative capabilities of all involved resources.

We also conduct interdisciplinary research covering a diverse set of different themes. Our portfolio draws on a variety of academic disciplines across the fields of management, education, business, economics and financing. The practical implications for management and business practitioners are fundamental to our research.

Our services range from joint research collaborations, seminars and workshops to long-term consulting projects and implementation support. In addition to consulting, we regularly create our own new ICT initiatives.

Contribution in the project

Katharina Fellnhofer is the Chief Pilot Officer and work package leader of WP 5 dedicated toward pilot experimentation of the platform, apps and e-services.


Contact details

Name: Katharina Fellnhofer
Phone number: +43 664 4212920
Role in the project: Chief Pilot Officer & WP 5 leader
Position in your organisation: Registered proprietor and CEO