Research, Technology Development and Innovation, S.L.

For achieving our purpose, our team counts on professionals of several disciplines and great experience in the sector, who share the desire to generate value, provide efficient and effective solutions, and bet for quality of service. We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients based in the achievement of results and mutual confidence.

Knowledge and continuous learning are central axis of our strategy, focused in the management of innovation as if “it were a science”. Furthermore, we apply our own tools and methodologies, which have been developed along our professional experience and which we continuously improve.

We help our clients in the definition of their corporate portfolios of R&I projects, the design of project concepts (idea building) and the assessment of strategic risks and planning for the exploitation of results. We also support valuable and sustainable networking at European level and with USA and Latin America. Finally, we provide expert advice and help achieving financial support for selected projects, from a broad range of public programmes and private sources.

We also help defining business models, strategies and plans for the marketing of our clients’ technologies and intellectual assets, and designing customized solutions to bridge de gap from R&D results to market products, services and industrial processes.

RTDI’s sectorial focus covers 3 main technology fields: ICT, Energy, and Manufacturing & Chemical processes; and 3 main application areas: Smart Cities, Internet of Services and Sustainable energy and processes.

We want our customers and collaborators to consider us part of their teamwork, creating horizontal relationships, based on continuous, transparent and reliable communication. Our aim is to become strategic partners and work together along complete innovation cycles, from ideation to exploitation of R&D results.


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Project Coordinator

Work-package leaders for Exploitation Plan and Sustainability of results

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Name: Eva García Muntion
Phone number: +34 652863799
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