Slovak Business Agency

SBA prepares specific programmes for the support of SMEs, which increase skills and competence of entrepreneurs as well as the professional preparation of the potential entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the ongoing SBA microloans program, the venture capital and other newer alternative sources of finance – crowd funding, digital pitching, even very small businesses can afford access to favourable finances.

SBA is member of various global networks such as UEAPME, Enterprise Europe Network. General director of SBA was appointed as the SME Envoy for Slovakia. SBA is also involved in organisation of competitions, promotions and awards in support of entrepreneurial activity and innovation, e.g. Start up Awards, European Enterprise Promotion Awards, Slovak Venture Capital Forum, Businesswoman of Slovakia and others.

Currently, SBA is implementing a national project aimed at creating the National Business Center – providing complex business support for new and established entrepreneurs under one roof through the one-stop–shop concept.

Slovak Business Agency has wide experiences in the field of implementation of international projects.

Contribution in the project

The role of SBA as the Partner No.6 will be cooperation in almost all the WPs, mainly in the WP2 and WP5.

WP2 – Task 2.3 Open consultation and workshops. SBA will organized the workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia, with the aim of introducing the platform. In collaboration with the partners the workshop agenda and structure will be prepared. . Within the workshop the methodology will be reviewed, also the end users will be validated the potential applications and services. The workshop is planned to be at the end of October 2016. Target group of the workshop will be the stakeholders, policy makers, consultants working in RIS3, universities and whoever can contribute to the creation of the platform.

WP5 – Pilot experimentation of the platform, apps and e-services. The main objective of this WP is the multilevel pilot experimentation of the platform, apps, and e-services taking geographical phenomena into account. Scotland and Central Macedonia will held two pilots, two other countries/regions will be selected upon the published open call. In this phase the selected beneficiary will perform testing the platform, apps, and e-services based on the prepared guidelines, briefing documents, webinars and questionnaires with respect to validation of the interaction model with users and suggestions for improvements. The user tests will be carried out by at least 150 very experienced entrepreneurs, politicians/consultants, educators, researchers etc. that will form an independent Advisory Board.

Contact details

Name: Jarmila Dubrovayová
Phone number: 421 2 203 63 173
Role in the project: Project manager/ Administration
Position in your organisation:Manager of International Activities