The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh (UEDIN) is a member of the Russell Group of research-led British universities and, along with Oxford and Cambridge, one of several British universities to be a member of both the Coimbra Group and the LERU (League of European Research Universities). The university is also a member of Universitas 21, an international association of research-led universities. Edinburgh was ranked 13th overall in the The Sunday Times 10-year average (1998–2007) ranking of British universities based on consistent league table performance,[44] and is a member of the ‘Sutton 13’ of top ranked Universities in the UK.

The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation was opened in 2011 to accelerate Scotland’s progress towards sustainable development and a sustainable future. The centre employs 25 staff , is based in an award winning building acting as ‘the’ hub for low carbon projects and partnerships in Scotland. The team focuses on the development and implementation of action-orientated projects and partnerships based around three key thematic areas: Policy; Innovation and Skills as well as maximizing the impact of Scotland’s world leading research community.

The centre plays a key role in building and supporting the establishment and development of smarter communities with strong multi-agency relationships across the public, private, voluntary and academic sectors. Recently Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation led a major EU funded project focusing on the identification and creation of effective smart city and sustainable island projects.

Contribution in the project

UEDIN will contribute significantly in WP5- Pilot experimentation of the platform, apps, and e- services. It will be responsible for holding a pilot project in Scotland for the implementation of the apps and e-services developed in WP4.

Here it should be mentioned that UEDIN is the forum for all the current Scottish S3 stakeholders. In particular:

  1. the Scottish Government, Scottish Cities Alliance and Smart Cities Accelerator (covering the Scottish Smart Cities and Sustainable Islands ERDF project).
  2. UEDIN, NAPIER and Heriot-Watt Universities;
  3. Scottish Enterprise and Government.

Contact details

Name: Ed Craig (male)
Phone number:
Role in the project:
Position in the organisation: Edinburgh Centre’s Head of Enterprise & Innovation