Phase 2: Analysis of context

Phase 2: Analysis of context
2.1. Regional assets mapping
online S3 Method: Regional assets mapping

Draw together information on key regional assets. The objective is to support data transparency that enables gap analysis of regional assets. Read more…

2.2. Research infrastructure mapping
online S3 Method: Research infrastructure mapping

A comprehensive and up-to-date mapping of the existing and planned research infrastructures across the EU regions. Read more…

2.3. Clusters, incubators, and innovation ecosystem mapping
online S3 Method: Clusters incubators and innovation ecosystem mapping

Defining the framework, concepts and categories for mapping the innovation ecosystem of each region. Read more…

2.4. Benchmarking
online S3 Method: Benchmarking

Compare the performance of a region with regions that are structurally similar. Read more…

2.5. Regional scientific production profile
online S3 Method: Science and technology profile and performance

Production of ‘scientific profiles’ for regions based on Web of Science (WoS) data, Scopus and Google Scholar data. Read more…

2.6. Specialisation indexes
online S3 Method: Specialisation indexes

Technological and economic specialisation indexes for understanding the position of regional activities in global value chains. Read more…

2.7. SWOT analysis
online S3 Method: SWOT Analysis

Analysis of regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a key starting point for applying more elaborate RIS3 methods. Read more…