Phase 4: Priority setting

Phase 4: Priority setting
4.1. EDP focus groups
online S3 Method: EDP focus groups

The method will provide a roadmap for the implementation of EDP. It includes industry activities and groups, stakeholders and business leaders involved in the EDP process, the communication of conclusions about the opportunities emerged by the regional and national authorities. Read more…

4.2. Extroversion analysis
online S3 Method: Extroversion analysis

This method is applied to detect possible industry segments in which regions present increased extroversion, in terms of exports, attraction of FDI, or other forms of regional openness. Read more…

4.3. Related variety analysis
online S3 Method: Related variety analysis

This method will allow for calculating the Related/Unrelated variety entropy indexes. It will compare 2-digit and 5-digit sector shares (%) and will estimate the entropy index for regions. Read more..