Phase 5: Policy mix

Phase 5: Policy mix
5.1. RIS3 intervention logic
online S3 Method: RIS3 intervention logic

The method allows identifying if different policy measures are coherent with the vision and objectives of the region. Read more…

5.2. RIS3 action plan co-design
online S3 Method: RIS3 action plan co-design

Co-design is a well-established approach in the process of creation, particularly within the public sector. Read more…

5.3. RIS3 budgeting
online S3 Method: RIS3 budgeting

The method will provide a framework for using different budgeting methods (incremental, zero budgeting) to capture the funding dimension of the RIS3 action plan and the needs for funding across the defined implementation period. Read more…

5.4. State aid law compliance for RIS3 implementation
online S3 Method: RIS3 administrative framework conditions

State aid law is part of EU competition law and aims at constraining the funding possibilities of public authorities to sustain competition within the internal market. Read more…

5.5. RIS3 calls consultation
online S3 Method: RIS3 calls consultation

The method will enable RIS3 stakeholders to assess calls for projects under SF operational programmes that are made by regional authorities. Read more…

5.6. RIS3 innovation maps
online S3 Method: RIS3 innovation maps

Online visualisation tool that teases out information about regional technological trends using grant data that is collected from S3 programmes and initiatives. Read more…

5.7. RIS3 open data tool
online S3 Method: RIS3 open data tool

Online data tool in the form of a data repository that allows for a finely grained tracking of projects and initiatives implemented in each region with a link to respective S3 priorities. Read more…