Phase 6: Monitoring & evaluation

Phase 6: Monitoring & evaluation
6.1. RIS3 monitoring
online S3 Method: RIS3 monitoring

The method will define the overall process/roadmap for RIS3 monitoring, which usually encompasses all sorts of activities that relate to the collection and processing of information about the achievement of expected results and the degree of implementation of policy measures. Read more…

6.2. Definition of RIS3 output and result indicators
online S3 Method: Definition of RIS3 output and result indicators

Output and result indicators constitute an essential part of RIS3 monitoring and evaluation. Read more…

6.3. Balanced scorecard
online S3 Method: Balanced scorecard

Balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and non-profit organisations worldwide. Read more…

6.4. RIS3 beneficiaries and end users’ satisfaction online survey
online S3 Method: RIS3 beneficiaries and end users satisfaction online survey

The method will enable collecting micro data directly from the beneficiaries and ‘end-users’ of public policies implemented through S3. Read more…

6.5. RIS3 social media analysis
online S3 Method: RIS3 social media analysis

This online tool offers simple indicators on the overall RIS3 process by using data coming from social media, such as Twitter or Google trends. Read more…