ONLINE S3 Stakeholder Participation Quality Assessment

As a participant of one of the four Pilots participating in our project, you have been asked to join participate in the testing and trialing of ONLINE S3 Platform and related apps & services for the design, implementation and evaluation of RIS-3 strategies.
Your valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement is very much appreciated!

Region of Central Macedonia (RCM)
Logo Region of Kentriki Makedonia
Aims to

advance specialisation further, focus on specific points in the value chains and their intersection, specific strategic projects planning, specific tools and models analysis, entrepreneurial development, consultation in a broader area with different digital & physical tools, budgeting, strategic mass alignment, business intelligence, follow up and results analysis/ feedback etc. Priority sectors of its RIS3 strategy are agri-food, building materials, clothing & textile, tourism. Supporting sectors of the strategy are: i) ICT, ii) energy technologies, iii) green technologies and environment, and iv) transport & logistic technologies and tools.

Scotish flag
Aims to

a) translate the 5 step process of entrepreneurial discovery into a Scottish version of the S3 strategy able to offer policy advice to stakeholder groups on smart specialization, modify the current website to communicate this and the programmes tasked with generating smart, sustainable and inclusive growth; b) draw upon the lessons learnt from the first phase of implementation as a basis for future Smart City and Sustainable island programmes to comply with steps 1, 2 and 3 of the process; and c) integrate of the EU Digital strategy into the existing S3 strategy and exploit the synergies this offers for growth. In Scotland’s RIS3, the major priority sectors include: food & drink, sustainable tourism, financial & business services, creative industries, energy, life sciences.

Open call to select two more EU regions
Logo online S3
Aims to

engage two more regional/national authorities to experiment with the ONLINE-S3 platform and services. The authorities will evaluate the project’s solutions within its time duration, provide feedback for their improvement and expand the level of synergies, thus enhancing collaborative learning and best practice exchange. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to improve and advance their own RIS3. The selection of the two authorities will take place with the purpose of achieving good geographical coverage and a variety in Region sizes and RIS3 strategy types. The open call will be published around Month 8 (December 2016) of the project. Interested parties shall be able to access the open call through the project’s website.

online S3 Consortium map
Onlline S3 Open Call

ONLINE-S3 will test the project’s platform in four different pilot areas, namely EU Regions and countries with different levels of development of their RIS3, and with different modes or governance traditions. More specifically, the two pilot areas will constitute Scotland and Central Macedonia, in addition to two other Regions which will be selected after an open call which we will publish during the project. Interested parties will be able to access the open call through the project’s website.