The challenge
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The challenge is related to the design and implementation of EU2020 strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.
In this framework, all EU Regions of member states must design and implement a research and innovation strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3).
Complementing the already released material by the Commission on the methodological design of RIS3, ONLINE-S3 will develop a framework that grants access to further data and documentation (statistics, case studies, description of methodological tools), as well as operational tools required to support undertaking the methodological tasks in an online, ready to use and freely available way.

RIS3 and EU2020 strategy
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A strategy for all EU regions. In line with the exante conditionality of Europe’s Structural Funds (ESIF), regions of member states must design and implement a research and innovation strategy for Smart specialisation (RIS3) in accordance with the new EU strategy on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The project
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ONLINE-S3 is a Research and Innovation Action of the Pillar “Science with and for Society”, under the call ISSI-4-2015 On-line mechanisms for knowledge-based policy advice. It commenced on 01-05-2016 and has a duration of 24 months. It is implemented by a consortium of twelve partners from Spain, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and Finland.

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The Online S3 solution

ONLINE-S3 will develop an e-policy platform, augmented with a toolbox of applications and online services, able to assist national and regional authorities in the EU to elaborate their smart specialisation agenda. In other words, the project will investigate, develop and test new and innovative technologies, tools and services which are in line with the methodological steps proposed by the European Commission. Authorities, researchers and leading IT labs and companies in the 4 pilots will be able to use the solution as to support the advancement of knowledge-based policy advice.

The project’s vision and scope
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How Online S3 aims to address the challenges

Effective community engagement is one of the key elements of the Online S3 success. This element is addressed by informing people about potential benefits from participating actively in region wide technology-based innovation processes, engaging a large community of actors, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and incorporating early knowledge sharing processes, as well as leveraging a host of alternative crowdsourcing tools overall maximizing the benefits that can emerge from participatory innovation.

The Cloud-based and social media platform that Online S3 assembles shall test the degree to which RIS3 meet the Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth expectations of this new industrial policy. This shall use web content mining, retrieval and natural language processing