Region of Central Macedonia continues to experiment with the ONLINE S3 applications

One more workshop, organized by the responsible partner for the Greek pilot, the Region of Central Macedonia, took place in Thessaloniki on 18th of December 2017, to experiment the ONLINE S3 tools. It was entitled as “Analysis for the development of an interregional agri-food platform within the Agri-Food Smart Specialisation Platform (S3P Agri-Food), using ONLINE-S3 digital tools”.

Once more, the workshop has been carried out with the contribution of INTELSPACE SA and URENIO experts, the coordination of Mr. Stavros Mantzanakis, Director of Innovation and International Programs Department of Emetris SA, the support of Mr. Michailides Head of Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support, Region of Central Macedonia, and the presentation of Agrifood S3 Platform by Mr Spandos, from the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia. In the 2nd workshop participated more than 30 representatives from business, research institutions, universities and government who tested the nine (9) presented ONLINE S3 applications.

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