Seeding Ideas for Preserving our Forests

Seeding Ideas for Preserving our Forests

This issue of the “Research EU results” magazine starts with the article, “Seeding Ideas for Preserving our Forests”, where an interview with Professor Gert-Jan Nabuurs is presented. Also, river-floodplain forest strategies are discussed. In the “Biology and Medicine” section of the magazine, new tools regarding the prevention of the spread of high treat pathogens in transport hubs is presented, where EU researchers are supporting national and regional transportation hubs to ease the risks of the spread of transmissible pathogens.

In the sections “Social Sciences and Humanities” and “Energy and Transport”, EU-funded projects are discussed. Furthermore, a project called “I²MINE” – funded by the European Union – shows the value of “Green Mining”, which refers to mining conducted with an integrated and green approach that helps with consumer demand of mineral-dependent products, boosts competitiveness and improves sustainability.

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For more information on the magazine, please use this link: https://bookshop.europa.eu/en/research-eu-results-magazine-pbZZAC16006/?CatalogCategoryID=Gj0KABst5F4AAAEjsZAY4e5L



Kurzne Opoczky, M. (2016, July). SEEDING IDEAS FOR PRESERVING OUR FORESTS. Research eu results magazine. N° 54. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

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