Service Systems Engineering: Emerging Skills and Tools

Service Systems Engineering: Emerging Skills and Tools

Our world is one of a global service economy, as services constitute most of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP). Because of this phenomenon in global growth, researchers and practitioners have increased their consideration of Service Science and Service Systems Engineering (SSE). Within this framework, the paper “Service Systems Engineering: Emerging Skills and Tools” by Pineda et al. (2012) presented at the “Conference on Systems Engineering Research” suggests improvements of the already available architectural frameworks of service systems.

Focused frameworks

Specifically, the authors state that the center of the service systems is information technology (IT). However, they claim that the already available frameworks should place more focus on service system governance and on advances in technology. Thus, an altered framework is presented. This contains an Enterprise/Service Management plan to examine energy smart grids as an end-to-end service provider. In addition, it was found that there is a necessity for implementation of tools for the real-time dynamic examination. The presented model is defined in an internet manufacturing laboratory form. There design, fabrication, IT and other various helping tools are implemented to quickly create complex 3D prototype models.

ONLINE S3′ focus

Within ONLINE S3 we also target the development of advanced applications to provide supportive services for the (re)design of research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation.


Pineda, R., Lopes, A., Tseng, B., & Salcedo, O. H. (2012). Service systems engineering: emerging skills and tools. Procedia Computer Science, 8, 420-427.

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