Smart online initiatives – A tool maps investments in ICT

Smart online initiatives – A tool maps investments in ICT

Since social and economic developments have changed dramatically in the last years, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and thus online initiatives have become more and more important. Because of this growing relevance, an ICT monitoring tool was created to view planned European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF) investments.

Jens and Kleibrink (2016) discussed this tool in an recently published article. This instrument helps European Commission officials, national and regional policymakers with ICT issues and ESIF beneficiaries to have an overview on which ICT projects are planned in Europe.

The result of this project shows that ESIF invested € 12.2 billion for ICT. Additionally, when ICT related projects from other Thematic Objectives (TOs) are included, the result equals to € 21.4 billion. In other words, ICT related efforts show unexplored and unexploited potential. We, the ONLINE S3 consortium, are also looking for opportunities to create added value for a knowledge-based economy.


For further information on this topic, please visit the following link: http://s3platform.jrc.ec.europa.eu/-/mapping-eu-investments-in-ict-description-of-an-online-tool-and-initial-observations?inheritRedirect=true


Sörvik J. and Kleibrink A. (2016), Mapping EU investments in ICT – description of an online tool and
initial observations; Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union, EUR 27983 EN, doi: 10.2791/963062

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