Smart Specialisation Hub in England

smart specialisation hubIn partnership, the Knowledge Transfer Network and the National Centre for Universities and Business deliver the Smart Specialisation Hub to promote innovation throughout England. Smart Specialisation is an approach to investment in innovation that helps key local players identify and exploit the sectors in which they can claim to be world-leading.

Smart Specialisation allows each region the chance to build on their comparative advantages in skills or industry, and the opportunity to work in collaboration with other localities to drive productivity and innovation.

It’s about building diverse specialisms, making more compelling cases for investment and securing better value for money. Key actions of the Smart Specialisation Hub are to target investment to a region’s strongest sector or industry; to encourage and promote local innovation and economic growth; to promote collaboration between regions to fill skills gaps and to increase revenues and competitiveness of regions

The Smart Specialisation Hub for England is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
You can read more on http://smartspecialisationhub.org

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