Strategic Foresight: Towards the Third Strategic Programme of Horizon 2020

Strategic Foresight: Towards the Third Strategic Programme of Horizon 2020

The report “Strategic Foresight: Towards the Third Strategic Programme of Horizon 2020” by Duckworth, Lye, Ravetz, and Ringland (2016) aims to support the preparation of the third strategic programme of Horizon 2020 (2018-2020). The authors emphasise possible key considerations, such as hyper-connectivity and Big Data driving accelerated change and innovation; the falling cost of energy as a potential game changer; migration and altering demographics as vital for innovation in Europe; health as a main driver for aspirations and forming attitudes to Research and Innovation (R&I); climate change, oceans, and space as projects vital for humanity; primary sector innovation as a strategic concern and key for sustainability and well-being; biotechnology as the next wave of disrupting technologies; and instability as a new norm in global society.

Public engagement

Furthermore, the work also highlights the importance of public engagement. The similarity among the different policies involved and the contribution of research to build capacity for collective international decision-making represent key aspects.

More information

For more information regarding this topic, please follow this link: https://bookshop.europa.eu/en/strategic-foresight-pbKI0215938/?CatalogCategoryID=Gj0KABst5F4AAAEjsZAY4e5L


Duckworth, M., Lye, D., Ravetz, J. and Ringland, G. (2016). Strategic Foresight: Towards the 3rd Strategic Programme of Horizon 2020. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

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