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The conference entitled “Smart specialisation: from research strategies into concrete actions” held on the 6th of March 2015 was organized by the JRC-IPTS and was opened by Commissioner Creţu; the President of the Committee of the Regions Markku Markkula; MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij, JRC Director-General; Vladimír Šucha, the Spanish Secretary of State for Research, development and innovation; Carmen Vela, the Regional minister for economy, innovation, science and employment; Jose Sanchez Maldonado; and the chair of the JRC Board of Governors, Walter Moenig. All in all, more than 200 experts and policy makers took part in this event.

In her opening speech, Creţu highlighted that innovation takes place when research and economic exploitation of new ideas and concepts are linked on a continuous basis. In addition, Creţu stated that diversification is a pillar of tomorrow’s growth, and the European regions show a huge variety of choices regarding sectors and activities. Also, the efforts by regions and stakeholders were recognized. Many programmes with valuable research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (S3) have been elaborated so far. Cretu also stressed that policymakers should focus on hands-on activities as strategies for conducting smart specialisation.

Since this event, many regions and policymakers follow Creţu’s advice and are currently redesigning their strategies. We are looking forward to providing our contribution in this framework with the ONLINE S3 platform.


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