Survey Report: Data Management in Citizen Science Projects

Survey Report: Data Management in Citizen Science Projects

The Citizens Science and Smart City Summit in 2014, which was planned by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), highlights that the management of citizen-collected data represents a vital contribution to data-sharing infrastructures across borders. The authors, Schade and Tsinaraki (2016), used a questionnaire to illuminate Citizen Science projects in more detail. One of the findings shows that 121 responses emphasised the diversity of the projects in terms of topicality, funding mechanisms and geographic coverage.

Data Management & Stakeholders

Moreover, the answers also offered important views regarding the access and reusability of the project’s results. For instance, 60% of the projects had a data management plan, and most of the projects offered access to data. However, the specific re-use conditions are sometimes not well elaborated. Data management for Citizen Science represents an important topic for a broad set of stakeholders. Thus, ONLINE S3 puts a lot of effort in data management within the project’s framework.

More information

For more information regarding this report, use this link: https://bookshop.europa.eu/en/survey-report-pbLBNA27920/?CatalogCategoryID=Gj0KABst5F4AAAEjsZAY4e5L


Schade, S. and Tsinaraki, C. (2016). Survey report: Data Management in Citizen Science projects. EUR 27920 EN. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. doi:10.2788/539115.

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