The Innovation Output Indicator 2016: Methodology Update

The Innovation Output Indicator 2016: Methodology Update

The “The Innovation Output Indicator 2016: Methodology Update” report shows the 2016 update of the Innovation Output Indicator (IOI) with the present scores of the composite index and the underlying indicators. The authors, Vertesy and Deiss (2016), provide an in-depth discussion of how changes in the statistical terms of some of the underlying indicators influence the methods and outcome for the innovation indicators.

Innovation Output Indicator Tool

The IOI tool can define the degree to which the ideas from innovative sections can attain the market, offer better jobs and be more competitive. The technological innovations, skills in knowledge-intensive activities, the competitiveness of knowledge-intensive goods and services and the innovativeness of fast-growing companies are included. Furthermore, the IOI tool helps the Research and Development (R&D) intensity indicator by focusing on the output of innovation. Its goal is to help policy-makers by creating new or reinforced actions to eliminate bottlenecks, which stifle innovators.

Four Factors

The IOI consists of four factors that are chosen for their policy relevance, data quality, international availability, cross-country comparability and robustness. The four components are technological innovation as measured by patents (PCT), employment in knowledge-intensive activities in business industries as a percentage of total employment (KIABI), the average of the share of medium and high-tech goods and services in a countries export (COMP) and employment dynamism of fast-growing enterprises in innovative sectors (DYN).

More Information

For more information regarding this paper, please consider using this link: https://bookshop.europa.eu/en/the-innovation-output-indicator-2016-pbLBNA27880/?CatalogCategoryID=Gj0KABst5F4AAAEjsZAY4e5L


Vertesy, D. & Deiss, R. (2016). The Innovation Output Indicator 2016. Methodology Update; EUR 27880 EN; doi:10.2788/261409. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

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